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Information for Proponents

IMPORTANT: The submission process for SSDB has changed. Instead of submitting files individually, proponents now upload files, and then create a data package containing all the newly uploaded and previously submitted files that are relevant. Please read How to Submit Data to SSDB for important instructions.

Submission Deadline

Data Submission Deadline: November 1, 2019, 23:59 UTC has passed.
After a proposal is accepted, the Science Support Office will set up the proposed sites in the SSDB and contact the lead proponent when the system is ready for data uploads. Data submitted before the deadline will be reviewed at panel meeting in San Diego.

Guidance Documents for Proponents

SSDB Tools for Proponents

There are a variety of tools to support proponents. The left-hand menu provides links to most of these, though you must be logged on as a proponent to see and access some of them.



My Account

Maintain updated contact information, and request access to specific proposals.


Upload data files and related descriptive information (metadata) from your computer to the SSDB. View and edit your uploaded files and metadata, and then create and submit a data package in support of your proposal.


View files submitted for data packages supporting a proposal, either listed by file or grouped by site. Files and their metadata may be viewed and/or downloaded after the data package has gone through QC and been accepted. A seismic viewer is available for SEG-Y files.


Search physical objects, digital data, and site and proposal information that were submitted before ~2005.


Copy data from one proposal directly to another authorized proposal on SSDB. Used for convenience when a new proposal will have multiple files used in an old proposal. The SSDBcopy tool can also be used to generate an expedition package.


Public-facing tool to locate and download files using a text search interface, and view results using Google Earth.

Drilled Holes

Map of all drilled boreholes during DSDP, ODP and IODP, with links to publications. Requires Google Earth.

Additional Resources

Last Update: September 16, 2019