How to Submit Data to SSDB

Starting in September 2017, the SSDB launched a new, two-step process for submitting data. First, please use the "upload" button within SSDBupload to add any new files to SSDB. Second, when all your new files are uploaded, please "create and submit a data package" in SSDBupload by selecting your new files plus any previously submitted files that are still relevant to your proposal review.

Proposal access

Before beginning, please confirm that:

  • You have an account and are logged in. The IODP Proposal Database (PDB) and SSDB share a single sign on system, so your PDB password will work here. If you have never created an account on either PDB or SSDB, please use "Register" (found on the left-hand menu of most SSDB pages).
  • Your Email address is current. Select "My Account" from the left-hand menu found on most SSDB pages, and "Edit My Account" to update as necessary.
  • Your user level is proponent. To check this, select "My Account" from the left-hand menu found on most SSDB pages, and then "Request Change." If your current user level is not "Proponent," please Request to Change Groups by selecting the New Group "Proponent" and Submit Group Request.

To request access to a specific proposal, select "My Account" from the left-hand menu found on most SSDB pages, and then "Request Change." Under Request Access to a Proposal, select your Proposal Number from the drop down menu and click Submit Proposal Request. Within 2 working days, the SSDB staff will validate your request and send an email confirming your access to that proposal. You are now ready to upload files to your current proposal.

Copying data between proposals

Reviewers will only review data submitted for the proposals they are asked to review. Therefore, if data relevant to your proposal already exist in SSDB under another proposal, please use the SSDBcopy tool to copy them into your proposal. If the data in the other proposal are under proprietary hold, you must request access from the other proposal's proponent. Once this permission has been granted, SSDB staff will provide you with access to the data.

Using SSDBupload

While logged into SSDB, select SSDBupload. You will first be asked to select the proposal you want to work on. Once you have selected your proposal and hit “Next Step” you are on your proposal’s status page. From this page you can upload data files, view and edit or delete uploaded files, and create and submit your data package. Each of these actions is described below.

A. Uploading data files

A1. Select the data type

Carefully read through the Proposal Data Types and select the data type that most accurately matches the first file you will upload, keeping in mind that:

  • The metadata requested in the next steps are tailored to the Data Type selected here. Changing the data type later will require starting over and re-entering all the metadata.
  • To accommodate any data or information, the Data Type "Other" is available. However, almost all files submitted fit into one of the specific data types and "Other" should be needed very rarely. Please contact us if you have questions about the appropriate data type to use.

You will have the opportunity to select a different Data Type for each file you upload.

A2. Upload file and enter metadata

Use the “Choose file” button to select the file from your local computer, and then click "Upload File." If your file is larger than 600MB, please contact us. It cannot be uploaded in SSDB without assistance.

File names must adhere to the following:

  • No spaces
  • No forward or back slashes [ / \ ] 
  • Only alphanumeric characters, plus underscores, hyphens and periods: [a-zA-Z] [0-9][_-.]

All data considered by reviewers must be digital. We cannot take URLs or links that point to data that reside on a separate server.

After uploading the file, complete the metadata. Correct descriptive information is critical to allowing the data to be viewed and understood by the reviewers. Please complete all metadata fields that apply to your data. If you are uncertain how to complete any particular field, hover your pointer over that field to see a brief description of the type of information requested/required. The below tips will help you prevent common errors.

  • Site names and the associated latitudes and longitudes are taken from the proposal and cannot be edited in SSDB. If you notice that a site's information is wrong, or if you do not see a site you believe is part of your proposal, please contact us.
  • Creator must include a person's first and last name. It may also include a program or institution.
  • Publisher is used only if data have previously been made available in a data repository, website, or published paper. By uploading the data in SSDB, you do not become the publisher.
  • Description should hold any explanatory notes necessary for a reviewer to understand the file and its relationship to other files, but does not have to duplicate information captured in other metadata fields.
  • The Format field must match the file. PNG files should be entered as Portable Network Graphic. GeoTiffs are not supported.
  • Access Control: When uploading a file, you can set its access control to “release,” “hold,” or “restricted.” Because SSDB acts as a valuable resource for planning future drilling projects, we encourage proponents to “hold” data only if strictly necessary. The “restricted” category may only be used in exceptional circumstances and with prior permission for data that require a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Please note that:
    • Released data are publicly available. Metadata for released files (i.e., information that a file of a particular type exists for a particular proposal) are also publicly available.
    • Held data are not publicly available during the proposal review process. Security filters are in place to make sure that any files you have placed on hold are password-protected and only available to you, Science Support Office (SSO) staff, IODP-designated reviewers throughout the proposal review process. If the proposal is successful, the held files will be made publicly available. Metadata for held files are publicly available.
    • Restricted data are never publicly available. You must contact the SSO to set up restricted file access well in advance of a data submission deadline. Only users who have signed the NDA will be granted access to the files, including SSO staff and IODP-designated reviewers.
  • Every file uploaded must be georeferenced in a way that best suits the data (e.g., a point for data that is applicable to a single site, a line for a seismic line or profile, or a box for data that applies to multiple sites or lines). Latitude and longitude must be entered as decimal degrees with a preceding minus sign ("-") to denote South or West, not as degrees and minutes. Please be careful with entering latitudes and longitudes: double-check your location information as you enter it, and take care not to reverse latitude for longitude.

A3. Confirm the file and metadata

Please confirm that you selected the right file, and have correctly entered all metadata. You may use the Revise button to make corrections. When your file and metadata are correct, press Confirm. This will move the file(s) onto the SSDB system and save them, but the final submission process will not be completed until your data package is submitted.

Once you confirm, you will be moved back to the proposal status and actions page, where you can upload another file. If you upload another file, common metadata will be copied over, for convenience. Please review each field carefully and change the metadata to accurately reflect this new file. You may log in at a later time to upload more files as necessary.

When you have finished uploading all your files, you can create and submit your data package.

B. Working with uploaded files

The table at the bottom of the proposal data Status and Actions page shows the status of all files that have been uploaded for a proposal, but not yet submitted. Unsubmitted files can be viewed, deleted, or the metadata edited from this list. Files submitted for a previous review round will not be in this list but may be selected for inclusion while creating your package

When you have finished uploading and verifying all of your files, please proceed to creating and submitting a data package.

Adding a new site to published data and releasing held data

If you have previously submitted a data file, and you have a new site that you want to associate with that file, please use the SSDBpackage viewer tool to edit the metadata of the appropriate file. You will be able to select the new site to associate with the file by clicking the ‘Edit’ button. These changes cannot be undone. Do not upload a new copy of that data file.

You will also be able to change the Access Control of a file from ‘hold’ to ‘release’ using the SSDBpackage viewer tool. The metadata editor only allows status changes from ‘hold’ to ‘release’ and these changes cannot be undone.

C. Creating and submitting a data package

C1. Define data package

Uploaded files will not be available to reviewers until they are submitted as part of a data package. Your data package should contain all the data files that are currently relevant to your proposal. If your proposal is a resubmission, then it likely should contain some of your previously submitted files, as well as new ones.

The "Create & Submit" button on the proposal status and actions page will take you to the page for creating your data package. First, indicate the panel or board that is due to consider your data, e.g., the Science Evaluation Panel (SEP). If you have a new proposal, SEP will be the first board that receives it. If you are unsure, please contact us.

Then, define your data package by selecting the newly uploaded files you want (files not yet submitted), plus any previously submitted files that are still relevant. Do not include files that are no longer relevant, such as files for which you have created a new version, or data for sites that have been removed from your current proposal. You can view your files either as a single list, or grouped by site. Note that files associated with more than one site will be repeated under each associated site when grouped.

When you have selected the files for your data package, hit Submit Package.

C2. Confirm and submit data package

Please carefully review the set of files in your data package. When you are certain you have the complete set of files you wish to submit, then hit the "Confirm and Submit" button. This action cannot be undone. Only one data package is allowed per deadline and you cannot revise your data package, or add or change any files, after submission. Do not submit until your package is final. If you submit in error, please contact us immediately.

After submission, data files are subject to quality control (QC) before being made available to reviewers and will not be visible in SSDB during this time. We will contact you if we find any problems. QC is a manual process and may take time, especially for data submitted close to the deadline. If data are submitted on time, we guarantee your data will be reviewed in time for your panel or board.

For more help

If you have questions or encounter problems, please use the contact form to ask for guidance.