Next Data Submission Deadline: May 1, 2024, 23:59 UTC

 SSDB for Proponents

New in this round: SSDB header format requirements – see the IODP Site Characterization Data Guidelines for details.

The Proponent Tool is the main tool through which you will create and submit a data package in support of your drilling proposal.

To access the Proponent Tool, you must have a proponent account: first register for a basic user account if you do not have one (a PDB account will also work in SSDB). Then login to SSDB and use the My Account link to request access to a specific proposal number. Within 1-2 business days, after validation by IODP, you should receive a confirmation email that you have been given proponent access to that proposal.

 Guidance Documents for Proponents

IODP Site Characterization Data Guidelines (PDF)
  • Details of the types of site survey data usually required by the Science Evaluation Panel to judge if the scientific objectives of the site can be achieved
How to Submit Data to SSDB Standard IODP Confidentiality Policy
  • How data confidentiality is managed in IODP
Finding and Using Analog Data
  • How to access analog data from before the digital SSDB

 SSDB Tools for Proponents

There are a variety of tools to support proponents. The left-hand menu provides links to most of these, though you must be logged on as a proponent to see and access some of them.



My Account

Maintain updated contact information, and request access to specific proposals.

Proponent Tool

Upload data files and related descriptive information (metadata) from your computer to the SSDB. View and edit your uploaded files and metadata, and then create and submit a data package in support of your proposal.

Legacy Data

Search physical objects, digital data, and site and proposal information that were submitted before ~2005.


Public-facing tool to locate and download files using a text search interface, and view results using Google Earth.

Drilled Holes

Map of all drilled boreholes during DSDP, ODP, and IODP, with links to publications. Requires Google Earth.

 Additional Resources